Sales Force Automation

Successful Consumer goods industry organizations understand their clients and their constantly changing needs. Bring more performance and productivity to your business using the Industry Cloud Solution for Consumer Goods. Ensure your field sales and distribution teams have the right information at the right time that delivers benefits to you customers, and to your business.

Enhance your sales capabilities

More ways to evolve your sales capabilities, fulfill category management requirements, and support multiple methods for product flow and retail execution models. The solution for companies to sell the right products in the right markets at the right times. Make informed decisions about product portfolios, marketing expenditures, size and deployment of sales force, and distribution models.

Win more at the shelf

Increase the value of your sales force. Effortlessly integrate in real time the brand specific promotions, sales visits, and sales tools into their daily route sales process. Increase route to market rolling out campaigns faster for new product introductions, ensure trade promotion compliance, and drive reductions in out-of-stock and distribution void conditions at the shelf.

Boost sales growth

Progressive sales organizations are transforming their sales capabilities with Ivy solutions. Boost growth through the streamlining of processes, taking the guesswork out of planning, empowering the sales force with mobile capabilities and modernizing your technology.

Reimagine work with next-gen mobile apps

Streamline the field representatives’ activities using process guided navigation. Quickly execute in-store activities following pre-defined workflows, standardized processes, objectives, and goals, while simplifying management of daily tasks.

Interact like never before with a 360-Degree view

Gain visibility of reviews, in-field pre-visit check, and activities in-store/retail outlet across the home office, distribution, sales, affiliate, and partner channels. The visibility that results from using a unified solution will streamline global processes and improve data quality, helping you respond faster to market dynamics, business changes, and consumer needs.

Apps that improve your data accuracy

Boost productivity. Coordinate planning, execution, and improve collaboration across teams including key account managers, field sales reps, delivery, marketing, and retail outlets, to boost execution and deliver a personalized customer experience. Determine which geographic regions and categories should get additional resources to ensure your future growth.

Effortlessly turn data into strategic insights

Enables sales, sales management, and merchandising reps to monitor how they are performing against sales targets to better manage the time in each store and to get help as needed. Built-in algorithms that alert the seller and category manager of current and long-term stock availability issues.

Run Global Operations

Benefit from reliable and scalable compute capacity, robust security and network functionality, enabled by our web-based solutions that are hosted using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Robust Cloud Platform

Lower your upfront costs, avoid making capital expenditures and streamline budgeting for future rollouts using our Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and support model.

Accelerated Time to Value

Go live in as few as 8-12 weeks using our accelerators and highly configurable processes and functionality. Flexible Implementation engagements using market-based-professional services partners.