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Barcode Scanners

pocket bluetooth barcode scanners

Pocket Barcode Scanner

Wireless scanner provides not only Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or PC but also Wi-Fi connectivity to server.

pocket bluetooth barcode scanners

Barcode SmartSled

Innovative SmartSled modular design allows you change Smartphone case freely while maintaining barcode and RFID module.

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KDC Charging Cradles and Batteries

KDC350-R2 Wireless Barcode Scanner

The KDC350 comes complete with an easy-to-replace rechargeable battery that can recharge from any USB port allows more than 25,000,000 barcode scans. With 8MB of on-board memory that stores 409,600 barcodes, memory shortages are no longer a concern. A built in display & keypad eliminate blind erroneous data collections and enables interactive data collection processes.


KDC470 & 475 Smartsled Barcode Scanner

The KDC470 and KDC475 can be attached to any smart device via a custom case to create a sled scanning solution. This unique modular design allows you to upgrade your smart device without worrying about replacing the entire scanning solution.


Smartphone & Tablet Cases

Cases available for fast and convenient supported using bluetooth connection

smartphone and tablet case