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Two levels of protection

Complementary and working in tandem.

Mobile is the new frontier for cyber threats. Gartner forecasts a third of all malware will be mobile by 2020. Cloud and mobility have completely changed the way employees work, providing speed and flexibility in accessing information, but also exposing the enterprise to new threat vectors. As your employees go mobile, so does your data.

1. Highly effective endpoint security

Protect against all endpoint threat vectors from device vulnerabilities, to malicious or risky apps, as well as detect MITM attacks. Deploy seamlessly and enforce conditional access to corporate applications through UEM integration.

2. Real-time prevention of network attacks

Prevent threats from reaching the endpoint in the first place. Our Secure Access Layer goes beyond endpoint detection to safeguard user privacy, protect against phishing and other risks, and initiate a secure tunnel when under attack.

User privacy is paramount, even more so when it comes to BYOD. Your users will embrace Wandera because it safeguards their online privacy with encryption, and ensures they don’t fall prey to phishing theft of their own personal credentials.

Privacy in-built: No private data decryption or monitoring of personal applications on the device such as text messaging, email or photos.

The most comprehensive Mobile Threat Defense

We lead the industry in applying data science to the challenges of mobile security. MI:IRAM, our advanced machine learning and threat intelligence engine, identifies and eliminates the industry’s broadest range of known and unknown zero-day threats.

With more UEM and SIEM partnerships than any other mobile security vendor, we provide a seamless integration with painless deployment in minutes.

Wandera’s management portal, RADAR, gives admins real-time insights and granular control over the threat status of endpoints, allowing you to configure and enrol devices, receive instant alerts, customize notifications and manage integrations.

By operating at the network level, Wandera offers real-time security by blocking zero-day threats like phishing sites and malicious domains. In addition, MITM attacks can be neutralized by initiating a secure VPN tunnel, keeping your users and corporate application data safe.

We accommodate all devices and ownership models, whether BYOD, COPE or COBO, allowing you to work with your preferred model in a way that is best for your business.

Corporate applications and data are protected against unauthorized rogue access with the benefit of our UEM integrations. Continuous Conditional Access ensures corporate data remains safe by controlling access, in real time, based on device, user and app risk.

  • Malware

    With a database of over 42 million scanned apps alongside our vetting technology, malicious apps can be identified and blocked keeping your sensitive data safe.

  • Phishing

    A new phishing site is created every 20 seconds. We work in real time to detect and block zero-day phishing attacks and malicious domains.

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

    When the Secure Access Layer identifies a risky network connection, it encrypts all data flowing to and from the device so it can’t be intercepted by an attacker.

  • Cryptojacking

    We prevent cryptominers from hijacking user CPUs, which degrades endpoint performance and user productivity.

  • App and data leaks

    We detect insecure data transmissions, ensuring malicious actors can’t exploit poorly designed apps to compromise your sensitive data.