Samsung Galaxy A7
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Samsung Galaxy A7

tripple camera

Advanced triple camera

more room

More room to work with

durable disign

Durable design with distinction

Fit more into every frame. With the 120° Ultra-wide lens, you no longer have to worry about cropping out what you really want to keep in frame.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Ultra-wide

A camera that thinks for you. Galaxy A7 features an intelligent camera system that automatically adjusts saturation, white balance and brightness levels. What’s more, it has 19 customisation modes to keep your final images looking as natural as possible.

Samsung Galaxy A7 intelligent camera

*Images simulated for illustrative purposes.

Make your focus unmissable with easy depth of field adjustments. The 24MP Camera, 5MP Depth Camera, and 8MP Ultra Wide Camera on Galaxy A7 give you more power to shape and reshape your photos. Add some depth to bring out the beauty in your photos.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Ultra Wide Camera

Capture clear shots, even when light isn't on your side. Galaxy A7 features a high-resolution rear triple camera with low aperture to let more light in and reduce noise in those low-light moments.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Performance

*Images simulated for illustrative purposes.

Your selfies will look better than ever with the glamour of the Pro-lighting feature. And with Smart Beauty using face recognition to highlight your best features, you can snap with confidence.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Snap Feature

*Images simulated for illustrative purposes.

Enhance every photo, feel more immersed in movies and play games in their full glory. They all look stunning in the sharper contrast and more vivid colours produced by the 6.0” FHD+ Super AMOLED Immersive Display.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Immersive Display

*Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners.

This is a design you’ll want to show off. Galaxy A7 blends functionality and style with premium 2.5D glass that is both durable and distinctive, and an intelligent side fingerprint sensor for comfortable handling and ease of use.

Samsung Galaxy A7 fingerprint

Do two things at once with App Pair. Stream your favourite videos while your replying to your text messages. Or streamline your work by viewing your emails and calendar next to each other.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Double the efficiency

You can trust Galaxy A7 to keep your world secure. The fingerprint sensor and face recognition unlock the device just for you, while Secure Folder lets you create a private and encrypted space to store content.

Samsung Galaxy A7 notifications

Stay up to speed with essential updates. Galaxy A7 features an Always on Display, which lets you view key information such as the date, weather alerts, time and incoming notifications without unlocking your screen.

Simply speak and let Bixby do the rest. Bixby learns what you like to do and works with your favourite apps and services to help you get more done. From gathering up content it knows you’ll love to giving you reminders when and where you need them most.

Whether you’re into binging box sets or photographing every moment, the expandable microSD storage* (up to an additional 512GB) will let you store more and delete less.

*Up to 512GB additional storage with external microSD card, sold separately. Availability and launch date may vary by country. External Memory may be used to store media (photos, video, and music files) but not applications.

Samsung Galaxy A7 storage
Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Health

Meet your personal health manager. Samsung Health tracks your activity, nutrition habits and sleep patterns all in one convenient place.

*Gear Fit sold separately.

Enjoy a better work-life balance with Dual Messenger. You can add multiple chat accounts to your favourite messenger apps*, allowing you to keep work and home messages apart.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Dual Messenger

Enjoy constant connectivity while reducing mobile data. Galaxy A7 automatically connects to hotspots stored in your history, switching Wi-Fi on and off, so you don’t have to.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Wi-Fi Connectivity