Galaxy Xcover 4
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Galaxy Xcover 4



IP 68




Military Standard


Operating Temperature

Fit for life on the move

Rugged design with a sense of sophistication. At a slim 9.7mm wide, the Galaxy Xcover 4 is thinner than previous generations and features an easy-to-grip, non-slip finish. It won’t slide out of your hand unexpectedly while on the go.

Galaxy Xcover 4 Rugged Design

Reliably durable

Designed to function wherever you go, with IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certification, the Galaxy Xcover 4 is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. Whether you’re hiking or playing outdoor sports. you can rest assured your device is protected against dust and water.

Galaxy Xcover 4 is reliably durable with IP68 and MIL-STD 810G

Experience richer resolution

Open your eyes to extraordinary colour. Featuring a bigger screen than previous models, the Galaxy Xcover 4 display measures 5.0” to deliver exceptional detail. Discover an overall better viewing experience when streaming your favourite multimedia.

Galaxy Xcover 4 Experience richer resolution

Shoot exceptional photos

Higher resolution to create stunning stories. Whether you’re taking selfies or capturing stunning landscapes its front 5MP and 13MP rear flash cameras will bring out the best of the world around you. Simply double click the home button for instant access and begin shooting.

Galaxy Xcover 4 Shoot exceptional photos
Galaxy Xcover 4 Increased touch sensitivity

Increased touch sensitivity

Keep your hands warm and dry during use. The Galaxy Xcover 4 features an intuitive display that lets you interact with your device even with gloves on so you can go on working outside or enjoying outdoor activities without any issue.

Seamless transactions with NFC

With NFC integration the Galaxy Xcover 4 doubles as your wallet to make paying for purchases or transportation super easy. Simply swipe your device at the counter or subway turnstile to fulfill the transaction and never worry about being without money again.

Galaxy Xcover 4 with NFC
Galaxy Xcover 4 Packs More Power

Packs more power

Power made to deliver even longer usage times to maximize enjoyment. The Galaxy Xcover 4 comes equipped with a 2800mAh battery to ensure you have plenty of charge to keep your workflow or content streaming going without interruption.

Absolute privacy

Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying with peace of mind protection. Samsung Knox features passport-grade security so you can rest assured that your device is defended from real-time malware threats that put your data and privacy constantly at risk.

Galaxy Xcover 4 Absolute privacy